Whether you’re an entrepreneur or CEO of a large company, keeping up with the political policy discussions can help you make informed decisions about your business. Learning about political leaders, their leadership style, and their positions on important Policy positions might even help you develop some important business management and communication skills. In today’s hyperconnected world, it’s easier than ever to tune in to political debates, learn about issues and policy positions and find information about political leaders and organizations 24/7. Here are 10 easy ways to keep up with the world of politics:


1. Tune in to Trusted News Outlets

You’ll find plenty of coverage of the latest political debates and information about presidential campaigns on major news channels and even on the radio. However, some channels are politically biased and may only report certain types of information. Seek out trusted news outlets like The Economist, the BBC, NPR, and The Wall Street Journal to get your facts sans bias.


2. Subscribe to Email Newsletters

If you don’t have time to surf the web each morning and sort through the wealth of information about politics each day, subscribe to a newsletter to receive headlines right to your email inbox. The Wall Street Journal and many other publications offer blog newsletters with a recap of the day’s political climate and other newsworthy items.


3. Subscribe to News Magazines

From Time to Newsweek, you’ll find plenty of information in glossy magazines published weekly, bimonthly, or monthly. This coverage often takes a longer-lens view of the political climate in relation to the economy, so it can bring a helpful second perspective to your daily news sources.You can have magazines delivered to your door or pay for a digital subscription to read on your Kindle, iPad, and other mobile devices.


4. Get Involved at the Local Level

If you’re passionate about local politics and government initiatives, volunteer your time to show support for local candidates, participate in volunteer programs, and connect with other people at Meetup groups and other social events to discuss the politics affecting you close to home.


5. Download a Mobile App

If it’s election season, there’s no shortage of apps that help you learn about different candidates and take quizzes or play games around different political topics. You can keep track of campaign trails using apps like Politifact or keep up with the latest news with BriefMe.


6. Join an Online Forum

Engage in political debates and find people with similar viewpoints in online forums created for discussions about politics. You can even stay anonymous if you just want to share an opinion and read other people’s opinions, responses and reactions on a particular subject.


7. Read Books By Political Leaders

Keeping up with current events is important but you can also increase your knowledge about politics and get a taste of history by reading books written by political leaders from different generations. Head to the library or check out Amazon.com for some new titles.


8. Subscribe to Blogs and Websites

Sites like Politico, Boing Boing, Daily Kos, Think Progress, and Talking Points Memo are some of the leading online hubs for the latest content about politics. Bookmark your favorites or subscribe to the site’s blog or newsletter so you get fresh content in your inbox.


9. Join Brigade

Unlike many other political apps that simply serve up information, Brigade works as a network to connect you with other voters so you can set up time to meet or organize social events in the area. You can use the app to find people who are passionate about the same issues as you are and also share your views about different topics.


10. Get On Facebook

Avoid heated discussions about politics with friends and family members on Facebook and branch out to dedicated Facebook Groups and ‘Like’ a publication’s page to keep tabs on what’s happening with your favorite party, current events, and interesting news.


From subscribing to newsletters from major online publications to using apps that will connect you with area voters, there are many ways to keep up with politics or simply brush up on facts. Use these 10 tips to keep up with news about politics you can use in business, and beyond.