I try to take a walk every morning. I started doing this because a good friend told me I needed some exercise.  Well …. 3-5 miles most mornings does indeed offer some exercise that I do think is important – but not important enough to make my top 5 list of the value of a morning walk. And that is my BIG REVELATION I want to share with you today, my top 5 list that I didn’t know came with a morning walk.

1) Solitude – I walk alone most of the time. That quiet outside time when all you hear is nature, breezes, wildlife, (one of my walks contains lots of livestock).  I realized In my busy rushed world, I don’t have enough time by myself, breathing in clean country air, listening to nature (or in my case, God). I realized it’s important to spend quality time alone so you can reflect on the beauty of things around you, and the beauty of your own life without having so many distractions.

Mike Brubaker morning walk photo 2

2) Fast Paced Life – I walk 4 different routes, some with more traffic than others, but what REALLY surprised me was how fast the cars go.  (I am sure I drive just as fast if not faster then most). It dawned on me that people (and I’m included in this) are just plain TOO BUSY. Rush Rush Rush.

On my walk, it is exceptionally rare that a motorist appears to be ‘in no rush’…. And Heaven forbid if you slow them down even for a brief moment because you are too close to the shoulder of the road.  As a result of my walks, I TRY to leave early for appts so I have the luxury of taking my time in transit to my meeting. Once you start doing it, you’ll see what a difference it makes. I arrive much more relaxed and ‘in control’, with time on my side.




3) Solutions to Problems – during my walks, a solution to a problem or an issue I’m facing will frequently surface, surprisingly even if I am not thinking of that problem (or maybe I should say especially if I am not thinking of that problem). If I am able to ‘relax my mind’ it generates useful information I would not gain if sitting at my office desk. Who would have guessed that fresh air and morning dew would help you become a better problem solver?

Mike Brubaker morning walk photo 4

4) Priorities – on my morning walks, the important things in life come into perfect clarity. Whereas in the rush rush business world finishing a project that is not due becomes more important than meeting your family for dinner on time. I don’t know why this is, but Life Priorities are clear on morning walks. Therefore the need to take that walk almost every day is strong, and has become one of my treasured priorities.

5) Making a difference – I find asking myself on my walks if my personal and professional life really improves the lives of others. Can I do better? (of course). What do I need to do today, to improve someone’s life?

I now see sunrise walks as an imperative part of my life which I never want to give up. Mornings really are a miracle! A chance to start fresh, and the best part is that they come every 24 hrs. Sunrises to me are the epitome of optimism, hope and joy.

Mike Brubaker morning walk

I would love to hear from you after your morning walk… Or better yet after your third consecutive morning walk. But please keep in mind, if you don’t think you have time for a morning walk, the benefits will not follow. You must make the time. That means earlier to bed and earlier to rise…. But as the saying goes, that is what makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.