How to Find a Profitable Business to Invest In — And When to Say No

It’s probably on every venture capitalist’s bucket list to see him or herself on the Forbes’ Midas List, an annual ranking of the best VCs in high-tech and life science venture capital. Top VCs of 2016 include Chris Sacca of Twitter and Douglas Leone of FireEye; according to the list, these two entrepreneurs have a [...]

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My Thoughts on Brexit

So 17 million people in the UK vote to leave the EU. As a result markets tanked for two days, then rapidly regained and stabilized. Let's just face the facts: we do NOT live in a stable world so we should not be surprised when instability makes itself visible (like the UK vote). The market [...]

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5 Areas of Your Business to Invest In

Whether you've recently launched a startup or you're decades into a thriving enterprise, one thing is for sure: there are certain areas of a company that owners and executives can't afford to overlook. Those areas aren't just limited to the  bottom line. As you strive to ensure your financial sustainability and continued growth, be sure [...]

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We Are All Farmers

I had the grand opportunity at a young age in life to work with my Father at his fertilizer business. I was young ... Only about 14 when I first started. Quickly I became drawn to farmers. People that work the land, tend to livestock, and ultimately feed the world.  But there was something different about [...]

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5 Morning Walk Lessons

I try to take a walk every morning. I started doing this because a good friend told me I needed some exercise.  Well .... 3-5 miles most mornings does indeed offer some exercise that I do think is important - but not important enough to make my top 5 list of the value of a [...]

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