It’s Never Too Late to Grow Your Network

Networking is a known quantity these days, part of any progressive career track. But effective networking is not always so well publicized. What makes networking effective? Forming genuine connections and building authentic relationships with your contacts, not just exchanging business cards and empty conversation. Super connectors are people who have organically grown their own expansive [...]

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4 Ways to Communicate a Sense of Urgency to Help Your Business Thrive

In order for us to talk about communicating a sense of urgency, we must first examine where this need for urgency came from: unhappy employees, high turnover rate, loss of revenue, confusing mission statement, inaction, and an inability to transform and overcome the static slump. In other words: a drowsy company. And a sleeping company [...]

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Want to Streamline Work Flow? Simplify Communication

Improving the lines of communication in your company can significantly increase productivity and streamline workflow. Empowering your employees to speak to each other and to their higher-ups improves morale, generates ideas, and presents new opportunities for problem-solving. But how can you quickly and simply fortify the lines of communication in your workplace? Xerox suggests in [...]

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How to Find a Profitable Business to Invest In — And When to Say No

It’s probably on every venture capitalist’s bucket list to see him or herself on the Forbes’ Midas List, an annual ranking of the best VCs in high-tech and life science venture capital. Top VCs of 2016 include Chris Sacca of Twitter and Douglas Leone of FireEye; according to the list, these two entrepreneurs have a [...]

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