So 17 million people in the UK vote to leave the EU. As a result markets tanked for two days, then rapidly regained and stabilized.

Let’s just face the facts: we do NOT live in a stable world so we should not be surprised when instability makes itself visible (like the UK vote). The market reaction was highly predicable and the recovery came much more swift then most predicted thereby offering logic to my point.

The negative market run after the vote was all emotion. The four countries that make up the UK will be our friends if they are in the EU or not. It was a lack of judgement (my opinion of course) for some US Leaders to tell citizens of the U.K. how to vote (prior to the vote).

We have entered a new era of independence. Citizens and Gov’ts want (demand) less control from high above. ¬†Although because of this, new independence will gain traction then stabilize then reverse, as has occurred in all of human history – the reaction I find most inserting is one of surprise.

Hold on and get ready to embrace an exciting and very unpredictable world, and remember, this is much better then living in a world that never changes, that would be boring and only exists in the movie Groundhog Day.