Mike Brubaker

How to Find Your Grind Time

It’s a Monday afternoon at the office. The most you can do is send a few emails and browse LinkedIn while you try to stay awake. Fast forward to Tuesday afternoon and your mind is boggled with the amount of work you have because it wasn’t done yesterday. Full of energy and regret, you actually [...]

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How Unexpected Cities Become Hubs for Innovation

When you hear the name Lancaster, Pennsylvania, you probably imagine members of the Amish community driving their horse and buggies, miles upon miles of farmland and Turkey Hill Dairy. That may accurately describe Lancaster county, but Lancaster city is another story. You would never guess that this city is actually a growing hub for innovation [...]

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How to Channel the Olympic Spirit as an Entrepreneur

With a handful of records broken at the 2016 Olympics in Rio, I am still in awe of these amazing athletes. It’s fascinating how much passion, dedication, commitment and focus these athletes have to compete at such a herculean level. Being an entrepreneur also takes passion, dedication, commitment and focus. However, “what separates sports from [...]

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How to Find a Profitable Business to Invest In — And When to Say No

It’s probably on every venture capitalist’s bucket list to see him or herself on the Forbes’ Midas List, an annual ranking of the best VCs in high-tech and life science venture capital. Top VCs of 2016 include Chris Sacca of Twitter and Douglas Leone of FireEye; according to the list, these two entrepreneurs have a [...]

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My Thoughts on Brexit

So 17 million people in the UK vote to leave the EU. As a result markets tanked for two days, then rapidly regained and stabilized. Let's just face the facts: we do NOT live in a stable world so we should not be surprised when instability makes itself visible (like the UK vote). The market [...]

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4 Tips to Build a Strong Board of Directors

No matter the industry, all strong businesses have one thing in common: a rock solid board of directors to steer the company’s growth through a challenging and ever-changing corporate landscape. Operating behind the scenes, the board has two critical roles: makes decisions on behalf of stockholders with the good of the company in mind, and [...]

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How to Smartly Scale Your Company’s Growth

Many entrepreneurs and first-time business owners make the mistake of believing their business plan alone will be enough to drive growth, attract investors and generate revenue. If you’re ready to take your company to the next level, focus your efforts on scaling your growth strategy so you can meet your goals. The uncomfortable truth is [...]

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