Mike Brubaker

Why Following Up is a Differentiator

It shouldn't be, BUT it is! Think about it. If most of you are honest with yourself, you frequently tell people, "I will call you" or "I will email you dates to get together.”  The bottom line is: most of us make a follow-up statement then DON'T do it. That is why great and consistent [...]

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5 Areas of Your Business to Invest In

Whether you've recently launched a startup or you're decades into a thriving enterprise, one thing is for sure: there are certain areas of a company that owners and executives can't afford to overlook. Those areas aren't just limited to the  bottom line. As you strive to ensure your financial sustainability and continued growth, be sure [...]

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We Are All Farmers

I had the grand opportunity at a young age in life to work with my Father at his fertilizer business. I was young ... Only about 14 when I first started. Quickly I became drawn to farmers. People that work the land, tend to livestock, and ultimately feed the world.  But there was something different about [...]

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10 Ways to Keep Up with Politics

Whether you’re an entrepreneur or CEO of a large company, keeping up with the political policy discussions can help you make informed decisions about your business. Learning about political leaders, their leadership style, and their positions on important Policy positions might even help you develop some important business management and communication skills. In today’s hyperconnected [...]

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