I had the grand opportunity at a young age in life to work with my Father at his fertilizer business. I was young … Only about 14 when I first started. Quickly I became drawn to farmers. People that work the land, tend to livestock, and ultimately feed the world.  But there was something different about them…. Farmers.

I couldn’t figure it out for an entire summer.

Then when I went back to work the following summer, it hit me. I knew what was different between a typical farm family and most of the non-farm families I was acquainted with. As I started to think more about it, many differences emerged. Here are some of the differences I couldn’t help but notice:

Work: There were always jobs to do on the farm and farm parents expected their kids to work – there was no arguing it. And they worked a lot! That was why so few farm kids participated in sports. There were a few tasks to do in non-farm homes, but taking out the trash once a week isn’t quite the same as milking 40 cows twice a day.

Family Time: Unlike all the other families I knew, farm families ate three meals a day together (without exception), and worked side-by-side with their brothers and sisters. Most farm families had 5-9 children, whereas my non-farm friends had 1-3 children.

Faith: A lot my non-farm families had faith…. The farm families somehow showed it more in how they spoke, how they prayed, what books were in the home, and how they acted.

Now – you may be wondering why I titled this blog, “We Are All Farmers”. Well, here’s what went through my mind:

Farmers, among their many other tasks, plant seeds which grow to a mature plant which is then used to feed livestock (called feed) or humans (called food). You see, metaphorically, we all plant many seeds everyday.

And make no mistake about it – there are seeds that grow to ‘feed the world’ and provide healthy, strong, mentally sharp bodies and minds, nutrition, and recovery… But there are also weeds which reduce the harvest of the plants the farmer intended grow. Weeds also come from seeds.

And to top it all off, there are poisonous plants. Poison ivy which makes you itch, and Eastern Black Nightshade which, if consumed, would kill you.

You see, seeds for good – seeds that reduce the quality and quantity of good harvests, and seeds that kill and destroy. Think of every word coming from your mouth … Think of every thought racing across your mind as a seed being placed gently into freshly tilled soil. (Think of freshly tilled soil as other people’s minds, hearing your words or seeing your actions)

We are all farmers.

We all plant 1000’s of seeds everyday, but most of us have not looked at our thoughts, words or actions as seeds. Now that we do, I hope and pray more corn, potatoes, wheat etc., will be planted around the world in place of weed or poisonous plants which destroy our harvest.

We are all farmers.