It shouldn’t be, BUT it is!

Think about it. If most of you are honest with yourself, you frequently tell people, “I will call you” or “I will email you dates to get together.”  The bottom line is: most of us make a follow-up statement then DON’T do it.

That is why great and consistent follow up is truly a differentiator. 

When someone says to me, “let’s get together to talk” at an evening reception or a chance meeting during the work day, then I get a note from them a few hours later, I am always impressed. I think, wow – this is a person that follows up, or better said – this is a person of integrity. (This person does what he/she said they would do and selected the right pathway to do so). This is how you build relationships and, more importantly, trust.

I have hundredss of passive conversations each week. Many of those have a clearly stated follow-up or an implied response, I have (still far from perfect) developed a very simple technique of carrying a 3×5 card and pen with me. As soon as I make or I hear what may be interpreted as a commitment to talk later, I take my card out and write it down. Many times right in front of the person. (I learned this from a dear friend in the PA Senate).

mike-brubaker-post it


The next step is critical.  If you are fortunate enough to have a staff person that can execute, give them your cards everyday and ask them to send a note that same day. If you don’t have a person assigned to this critical function, make it priority in your daily wrap up, make it a part of your end-of-day routine.

I promise you, if you do follow up exceptionally well, you will highly impress away the people that are currently or will be important to your success. Never give up and follow up are two great pieces of business advice you should undoubtedly follow.